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About us

OOur story starts almost forty years ago in Grado. Michele and his historical pizzeria “La Ciacolada”, are the main characters of our tale but which also stars Gerardo, the son, and all the work team of our plant in Ronchi dei Legionari, province of Gorizia. Together we have contributed to the creation not only of an excellent pizza but of an “extended family” that works with enthusiasm and dedication.



After years of commitment

in the catering sector we decided to embark on a new venture, to bring the flavour and fragrance of our pizzas into your homes. This was the “birth” of Megic, an acronym of Michele, Eleonora, Gerardo, Ida, the names of our family members and Ciacolada, our starting point.

In 2003

from our workshop in Grado, we moved to a more adequate location where our small dream began to grow. From regional markets to national ones and finally to the overseas markets which include France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain.

Creativity and imagination, are our Campania traits that marked the path of our history. From our patented HMS (hand movement simulator that rolls out the dough just like a pizza master), to “Hasta la Pizza”, the first pizza in the world served on a stick, just like an icecream.


is our code, as well as anticipating the desires of our customers. Different products but all conceived to satisfy the taste and needs of pizza lovers. Today, it is Gerardo, businessman and eclectic and creative pizza master, who is forever involved in new ideas. The last being HoHo, an App that allows a business to be involved in instant marketing intended for loyal customers.

Our Team

The taste of quality

We are a real extended family that works everyday with enthusiasm and dedication to create a pizza good enough for you.


Gerardo Acampora

Pizza’s Master

Businessman, pizza master and a very creative person, The heart and soul of MEGIC world.

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Tamara Del Ponte

Customer care

Takes care of customer needs and those of pizza lovers and also oversees logistics.

Erica Tentor

Erica Tentor


She is great with numbers and is the (mathematical) mind of the company’s accounting.