HoHo is a service that allows a direct contact between a client and his favourite pizzeria, restaurant, sandwich bar or delicatessen to order lunch or dinner on line, receive special offers, gain points or cash in your points for free drinks or meals. HoHo distinguishes itself from other known food delivery services because it creates a direct link between client and restaurant resulting in a trusted network.

Do you run a pizzeria or restaurant?

Increase sales in real time

You can increase sales in real time when business is slow. Imagine a cold rainy night, noone out in the streets or in your restaurant. You could invite your clients by sending a message: “If you come for dinner tonight you can enjoy a free starter!”

You’re always in touch with your clients

Your clients can order from your menu directly via App. You can create your page and insert photos, videos, promote special events, new products and much much more. Your clients will always have access as the inserts will not disapper as often happens with other social networks.

And if you home deliver …

Let other clients know you are deliverying in their area. You will sell more, and save. You could send a message to those living in the same area advising them of a special offer in exchange for their order. It’s like calling them and saying “I’ll be in your area in 20 minutes, order now and you will receive a free beverage.”.



Do you want to know how HoHo works?

If you want to know how HoHo (which is free for the first 12 months) can help increaseyour business and order, we offer free consultancy service regarding the commercial and technical aspect of the APP.

Please contact us, even via Whatsapp at +39 340/5778525